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Teaching Out of The Box by Stan CodySuccessful Website Marketing by Peggi RidgwayWeb Savvy for Small Business by Peggi RidgwayThe Truth About Being an Extra by Jo KellyFishin' Trails - 25 Short Hikes for Eastern Sierra Wild Trout, by Jared SmithEscape to the Mountain: Midlife Redemption on the John Muir Trail by Steven Smith

Wordpix provides complete book production (including BOOK COVER DESIGN and design and production of the text), BOOK COACHING and book shepherding and project management services for authors looking to self publish their books.

Sending Flowers to America by Peggi Ridgway and Jan Works Babyboomers' Guide to Digital Photography by Julie Diebolt Price

Read what Dan Poynter has to say about producing and raising your "child" - your book

YOU are the publisher (you are "self publishing"). You keep 100% of your rights and royalties, and you fund all your promotions. With your own book to promote (and to promote you), you gain valuable credibility - you published and managed your own publishing project!


Fishin' Trails: 25 Short Hikes for Eastern Sierra Wild Trout, by Jared Smith, released December 2009Producing and self publishing a book is a lot like building a business. First comes the idea, then the start-up, promotion and efforts to attract and retain customers/readers. We share these essential steps for your consideration and planning (Timing and appropriateness vary with project):

Create the Idea - Author

  • Develop the concept

  • Write the manuscript

  • Get legal and professional opinions

  • Get feedback from colleagues

  • Brainstorm ideas for art/photos

Publish and Produce - Author and Wordpix

  • Sign contract/hire production company

  • Submit deposit for book production

  • Address questions of size, paper, illustrations, reader market, intended usage, budgets, index, front matter, etc.

  • Submit manuscript

  • Submit materials (charts, photos, etc.)

  • Apply for ISBN

  • Register domain name for book website

  • Sign an artist for interior illustrations

  • Sign an artist for cover design

  • Apply for Library of Congress cataloging info

  • Submit author bio and photo

  • Submit copy for back cover

  • Process manuscript changes, make revisions

  • Scan photos/artwork; modify and convert as necessary

  • Proofread galleys for typos and content

  • Obtain printing estimates; sign with printer

  • Submit progress payments for book production and project management

  • Submit deposit and progress payments for book printing and delivery

Pre-Promotion Activities - Author and Wordpix

  • Send copies to Library of Congress

  • Develop a website for the book

  • Apply to a book wholesaler, to Amazon, etc.

  • Purchase packaging materials and postage

  • Produce cover letters, flyers, news releases, media kit and collateral promotional pieces

  • Get media coaching

Promotion Activities - Author and Publicist - See a sample promo campaign

  • Conduct online promotions to attain website links, reviews, book/author listings

  • Send review copies of book to newspapers and magazines that focus on your field of interest

  • Publicize to radio/TV talk show producers

  • Participate in promotional mailings

  • See sample package

Book Sheparding Services - Author and Wordpix

  • Never fear - we'll collaborate with you, hold your hand through the self publishing process and work with you to produce a credible, salable, professional and attractive book, from the conceptual stage to delivery and into promotion. In our role as art director, editorial department and project manager, we'll deliver to you a product you will be proud of.

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