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Tornadoes, Mosquitoes & More:
Typical Northeast Oklahoma storm, May 2013
Our home and office in Tulsa, Oklahoma experienced plenty of high winds, rain and dramatic thunder-and-lightning storms through the month of May and into June - but we were lucky to be 100 miles east of the tornado that devastated portions of Moore and the Oklahoma City area. Enough rain has fallen in Northeast Oklahoma to take us out of our four-year severe drought, for which we are grateful ... and the mosquito population has enjoyed an expansion beyond our wildest dreams. We sincerely thank you for all your notes, calls and concern. They meant more than we can possibly say.  Earl & Peggi

Wordpix Customers! Take Note

TulsaConnect Web Hosting Company Changing Payment Requirement - Web hosting company TulsaConnect, whose computers run your Wordpix website on high-speed lines 24/7, now requires all quarterly and monthly hosting payments to be made by automatic credit card charge. (No more invoices by email or snail mail!) Wordpix can instruct you how to enter your card details at your own account on the host company's website; we can also do it for you. Please contact us as soon as possible to make this transition.

American flag wavingHave a Safe, Fun Fourth!

Many thanks to our veterans who make it possible for us to continue celebrating our freedom.


The Espresso Book Machine (EBM) -  a machine that prints, collates, adds covers, binds and trims a book in a few minutes. Targeted at retail and library markets, the print-on-demand (POD) book machine can be found in numerous libraries and bookstores around the globe. It's used to print books that are out of print commercially and to print books the store no longer has in inventory. It makes a PDF file uploaded to its internal computer into a paperback book.


Smart Sites. Wordpix is building "responsive" websites (they morph into smaller versions when viewed on small devices) and sites with more user interactive features. Check these:

The sites are editable by the customer, have smart phone visibility, and they can include web activity reports and blogs as desired.


"Social Media" Essential for Web Promotion - In his Small Business article, search marketing guru Chris Crum says social media - connecting your social circle of friends, family and contacts, is essential to driving traffic to your website. It is in your social network that you connect with people who have an interest in your industry, service or product line, and they are the ones to reach out to with something 'new'. This is also how Google's engine will find the keywords associated with your news and follow the links.

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It's almost Summer!: Time to find out what my friends with swimming pools have been up to all year.

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Locavore: One who usually dines in local restaurants rather than venturing very far from home. Staycation: A vacation spent at home. Chillax: To relax, to calm down.

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