Communicating creatively in print and  online
Whether it's web design, web hosting, graphic design, writing, brochures, 
            newsletters or books, we provide a variety of business services.

We offer pricing for every business budget and will gladly customize a payment plan for you

Web Design & Development:

  • An estimate will be provided before beginning the job.

  • A deposit of one-third to one-half the estimate is required.

  • Balance is invoiced halfway through the job and at completion.

Web Hosting:

  • The first two months are complimentary to you.

  • Hosting can be invoiced on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis (in advance of service), according to your preference.

We customize our cost estimate for the development and professional design of your website according to your unique requirements. Most websites can be developed, with professional design, for $1800. A set fee cannot be quoted due to the many variables and choices such as animation, shopping carts, interactive forms, a separate intro or splash page, catalog or database of members, products, pictures, etc. Hosting is free during development up to 60 days.

The modest website project can be accommodated as can the more robust website project.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

"Requesting a set fee (a one-size-fits-all price) for a website is like asking your friend what she will spend at the mall over the next two years. The products and features you select, along with the sizes, brands, quantities and many other choices (and what's currently 'on sale'), contribute to the overall cost." - Margaret Fuhrman

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