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Wordpix Author Links Program

The Most Effective Way to Increase Book Sales using the Internet is to Get Other Sites to Display Links to Your Site (High Volume Websites as Much as Possible)

We know the ropes. Let us do Author Links for you!

Basic book promotion package:

  1. Get your book listed as a resource on no less than 10 websites, many displaying hyperlinks to your site or your book page.

  2. Generate book reviews by consumer-readers and reviewers (reviews of your book will then be displayed on review sites and major book retailers where your book is listed for sale, such as

  3. Submit your book to Google and Microsoft book and publisher programs (high search volumes lead to many impressions of your book listing which leads to increased sales).

More advanced promotions include:

  1. Get book exposure in your local media (local author announces new book!).

  2. Attain book exposure in genre- or industry-specific media through targeted mailings.

  3. Website enhancement and search engine optimization, to attract people searching for your topic.

  4. Assist you in advertising to radio and television talk show hosts.

Marketing materials (press releases, brochures, postcards, flyers, one sheets) design and production services and factors affecting cost include:

  1. Concept and design

  2. Press release

  3. Writing/editing

  4. Photos of book; photos of author

  5. Production and printing

  6. Postage and labels

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