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How to write and setup a News Release 
for Electronic (Internet) Distribution

The same basic format for a traditional press release is used for electronic press releases, with the addition of KEYWORDS at the top of the press release and in the Subject line, if you are sending the release in an email message.

(Editor's note: A "social media" version of this standard press release would, as an electronic release intended for reading online as on blogs and social networking sites, contain hyperlinks to company sites, product pages, organizations and other entities mentioned in the basic release. For an example of a social media release, please see below.

Keywords get the immediate attention of the journalist or industry person whose email box is stuffed and practically overflowing with dozens (or hundreds) of press releases daily. If you use a Keyword that grabs that person's attention - perhaps it's their particular area of interest, their specialty or their industry - you've got your foot in the door.

Tip: Write your news release like a story that the reader of the newspaper or magazine is seeing (vs writing for the editor), and it will have more appeal as-is. The editor will realize he/she can use it without much rewriting. Include a photo if one is available.

The sample shown below would require some modification in order to be cut and pasted into a form at the site of one of free news release services, but its basic format is good and could be used for direct mail (through US Postal Service) and on the Internet.




Peggi Ridgway or Earl Russell

Wordpix Solutions
5146 East 23rd Street
Tulsa, OK 74114

Phone: 918 743-1103

April 2013

Wordpix Debuts Line of Floral Notecards

New Venture into the Retail Arena

In April 2013, Wordpix Solutions launched the website  to promote a line of 50 floral photographs taken by its founder and manager Peggi Ridgway. The cards feature selected photos from Ridgway’s extensive floral portfolio, assembled over thirteen years of writing articles and managing websites for customers in the floral industry.

“Photography has been my passion since childhood,” Ridgway says, “and recent years of my working with floral designers, wholesalers and flower farmers have resulted in this enormous library of flower pictures. I’m just thrilled I can share a few of them with others who also enjoy the beauty, freshness and special expressions of flowers.”

She adds that the cards are utilitarian in that the sender can write a personal note or message inside; and most of the card designs are suitable for a variety of occasions, i.e. birthdays, get well, sympathy, wedding and “just because.”

Designed by Wordpix in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the floral notecards are a “made in the USA” product. They are 4.25 X 5.5” horizontal format printed on highest quality paper by Quantum Printing, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Peggi Ridgway and Earl Russell operate a Tulsa-based home business.

Ridgway knows her cards well, saying she remembers the place and circumstance of each photo and each one holds special a meaning and memory. The Wordpix staff has included comments about the flowers on the card backs along with a thumbnail of the photo. On the website, floral trivia rotates on the home page and a guide to anniversaries and floral giving is included under floriography. A much published free lance writer, Ridgway also includes an article about the nearly lost art of writing personal notes and letters.

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