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Email Setup


User Guide for Wordpix - TulsaConnect Webmail 


How to Go to My Webmail

Webmail Features



Web-based email, residing on the TulsaConnect server, allows Wordpix customers to view and manage your email from any computer, anywhere. You can retrieve, view, compose, send, delete, save, forward, and otherwise manage all your email, just as you would if you were at the computer you normally use for such purposes. You can even store addresses/contacts, notes and set up a calendar.

How to Go to Webmail

  1. Open your Internet browser (the program you use to view web sites, not email).
  2. In the typing area where you would typically enter the address of a web site you want to visit (the typing area where the "http://..." displays, as shown below)and type .

Press the ENTER key on your keyboard.

  1. Voila! Now you're at the home page of TulsaConnect, so click in the right column on "Webmail Login."
  2. When the Login page page appears, enter your email address and password you would use on your own computer to access your email.
  3. Now, you're logged in. After taking care of business (checking your Inbox), do some HOUSEKEEPING by cleaning out old messages


If your computer's email is jammed, if you are having problems sending, receiving or both, it's time to do some housekeeping in your Webmail account on the server, where a duplicate of each email message is kept.

Login to your TulsaConnect Webmail account.

  1. Clean out your email folders, including the Inbox, Sent folder, Deleted/Trash folder, etc.

  2. Change the setting (click on Settings on the top menu) to tell the server to delete messages after X-number of days.

  3. Update the setting on your own computer's email program (in Outlook, look under Tools, Options) to delete messages from server after X-number of days. You decide the number of days. Keep in mind that most of us do not need to keep those duplicates on the server for longer than a week, in fact, not longer than a couple days, if you are staying current with your email.

  4. If you feel you are not being provided with enough "space" on the server for all your messages (or large messages you may regularly receive), email to and request additional space.

Using Webmail on TulsaConnect, you have these functions available:

  1. Top Menu Bar. Quick navigation between:

  • Mail - This is the Inbox, with your latest incoming messages

  • Compose - Write an email message

  • Contacts - Maintain your address book here
  • Notes - Reminders, etc.
  • Settings - Change the way your email works on this server
  • Rules - Set rules for certain messages
  • Log Out - Get out of Webmail
  • Help - How Webmail works
  1. Lower Menu Bar. Manage your messages by selecting the message, then click one of these:

  • Delete - you can delete a group of messages by checking them all and clicking this button. You can select the whole group at once by clicking the checkbox to the left of the "Status" column head.

  • Read

  • Unread

  • Flag - mark a message with a red flag. Check the message, then click on the red flag.

  • Unflag - remove the red flag

  • Redirect - to another email address

  • Forward - to another email address

  • "Select Mailbox" in conjunction with the next item, "Move." Select the folder you want to move the message to, then click Move.

  • Copy - duplicate a message

  • Settings - change your password or the way your email works

  1. Folders in the left column:

These are the standard email folders (inbox, Drafts, Sent, Trash) with some Extras thrown in to help you operate efficiently:

  • Calendar - set up your calendar here and access it from any computer!

  • Contacts - make your address book here and access it anywhere

  • Notes - to yourself

  • Tasks - your "to-do" list

  • Make your own folder by clicking on the "[Add]" link at the top of the folders list!

This is an efficient, user-friendly mail system that we're sure you'll get great benefits from. If we can assist you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

To set the length of time messages received on your own computer (in Outlook or another email program) remain on the TulsaConnect server, make changes in the Outlook/email program: Click on Account Settings, select the email address and follow the steps to Advanced Settings. Read this very helpful article to do it right:



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