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Email Setup

 Here are the Abbreviated Steps for Setting Up Email in Outlook

Before you begin: Whatever email address you select must already be set up on the Wordpix email server or the server of your Internet Service Provider.

Open Outlook, click on Tools, Email Accounts, View or Change

Choose Add account, select POP3

Enter the name you wish to show as the Sender of each message

Enter the email address related to your domain name - such as

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

User Name: (let's use this as an example:

Password: Use the password you setup on the Wordpix email administration site and make sure to record it somewhere. It can never be identified. If you ever forget it, you will need to enter a new one and may lose email in the transition.

While still in this settings window, click on MORE SETTINGS.

Under the General tab, enter the email address - example: - and your organization or company name; and your email address like as the Reply email. Then click on the Advanced tab and check these boxes:

  • Leave a copy of messages on the server (so you can use
    our web-based email from any computer)

  • Remove from server after 10 days (you can change the number,
    but don't let mail stack up for too many days, as it will slow down
    your email Send/Receive process)

  • Remove from server when removed from "Deleted" items

Click Next, Finish;

Send yourself a test message. Note: If you use more than one email address and the one you just established is not your default one, you'll need to click Send, and click Accounts, then select the new account - such as - before sending.

Getting a pop-up Error Message?

Verify these things:

  1. The Username is the entire email address (not just your name)

  2. The Password is the same password used to set up the email account in Outlook

  3. The Password and Username/Email Address are precisely the same as those you provided to Wordpix. (The Password and Username/Email Address used in your email program must match those we use for your account setup on the Wordpix email server.)


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