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Optimize Your Website (It's FREE)

A website that doesn't produce is like a highly-paid employee who falls asleep at the job. We want results! So here are a few steps you can take to improve your website's performance.

Performing a basic level of Search Engine Optimization on a selected web page that you'd like people to land on (a "landing" page) is one way to make that page more likely to be indexed by search engines such as Google. The two keys for a well optimized page:

  1. It must be predominantly TEXT, not graphics. Search engine software cannot "read" keywords displayed as graphic images, so what you do with your text is very important.

  2. The page must be focused on only one keyword phrase, only one concept or one product or service. It cannot describe three different products or services. It must be highly focused.

  3. Ideally, the text should include no less than 100 words; and 200 or 300 is even better.

  4. The keyword term must be repeated strategically throughout the text.

Analyze your website to determine which page you want to optimize. Search the Internet to see what terms bring up your competitors' sites. Select the keywords and phrases that best describe the product or service you want your page to focus upon. (Repeat this process, with a dedicated page, for every major product group. Use your keyword or phrase in:

  • Headline at top of page
  • Within the first paragraph of text, in sentence form
  • Again in the second paragraph of text, in a sentence
  • Once again in the third or fourth paragraph, in a sentence
  • In a sentence that is a link to another page of "more information"

Please note that SEO is the "slow" way to go when it comes to getting your site noticed in the search engines. The fast track to top positions involves a serious investment in sponsored links, pay-per-click adwords and other advertising programs. But if you combine this basic level of optimization with traditional, repetitive marketing that drives people to your website, you will see good, lasting results.

Wordpix staff can apply additional techniques in our standard Search Engine Optimization service, including optimized meta tags, alternate text and many others. Those mentioned in this article are a great start for your website's landing page. We also offer a 50% discount on our very own step-by-step workbook, Successful Website Marketing. Contact us today.


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