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How to Change Your Home Page

You can make any page, on any web site, your home page. Tired of having to view all those advertisements and flashing banners presented by your ISP on the default home page of your web browser? Find a page you like or find useful and have it appear every time you start up your web browser. When you get tired of it, change it. It's simple. 

Microsoft Internet Explorer VERSION 4.x for Windows:

Go to the web page you wish to be your home page.*

From the View pull-down menu at the top of your screen, click Internet Options.

Go to the Address box under the Home page section and type the URL / address for the web page. Example:

Click OK to save your changes.

Microsoft Internet Explorer VERSION 5 for Windows:

From the Tools pull-down menu at the top of your screen, click Internet Options.

Go to the General tab and under Home page, select Current to tell your browser to use the current web page as your home page. Verify that the web page address (URL) which is displayed in the Address section is for the page you want.

Some Internet Explorer versions may require you to start with the View menu, click Options and the Navigation tab, followed by Page, then Start Page, typing the URL in the Address section.

Click OK to save your changes.

Netscape Navigator and Communicator version 4.x, Mac/Windows

From the pull-down Edit menu at the top of your screen, click Preferences. Go to Home page in the Navigator starts with section. In the Location box in the Home page section, type the web page address for the page you want to be your home page. Include http:// and all elements of the address. Click OK

Now, whenever you start your Web browser, your home page will be the page you selected; and you can change it any time.

*Make the Wordpix Business Center page your home page for a while, as you explore the Wordpix ways to promote your site and business. Check it out:


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