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Search Engine Optimization Service / SEO Consulting
for Small Business Websites

This is a Great Time to Optimize your Key Web Pages. No need to fork out hundreds or thousands of dollars on paid advertising or printed brochures during these tough economic times. Instead, make your website start working for you!

Search Engine Optimized pages customized to your key terms are very powerful with long-lasting benefits. They:

  1. Attract searches for your key terms

  2. Enjoy higher positioning in Google search results

  3. Bring you people who are looking for your key products and services (pre-qualified lookers, not the whole world)

  4. Deliver more inquiries and sales

  5. Work 24 hours a day for you

  6. Keep on working for you long after you've completed the optimization process

We use a 3-step approach to the SEO marketing of your web pages:

  • Analyze your current web page(s)

  • Develop meta tags

  • Develop and strategize the text of your visible page(s)

  • Manually submit your finished website to major search engines/directories. This not only builds more exposure for your site, it also adds to the number of links pointing back to your website, a very important marketing strategy.


We invoice you directly for our Consulting according to a proposal we all agree to in the beginning. There may be additional fees charged by some business directories to which we submit your listing.

Turn your website into a customized, 24-hour sales staff.

Call or email us today. We'll be glad to explore SEO options with you:

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