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E-Commerce / Shopping Carts

We offer a full suite of Internet commerce tools and features, including web-based product catalog development, secure transactions, auto responders, setup assistance and more. We can assist you in applying for a Merchant Provider account and Payment Gateway account (you'll need both) so you become a merchant who accepts credit card payments. We are an affiliate/reseller of services provided by Marketers Choice and, Total Merchant Services and .

Get ready for the application process by completing these steps first:

  • Apply for a business license, if one is required by your city.

  • Apply for a Fictitious Name Statement (example: ABC Company dba Mary Jones) from your County. You will need this document in order to open a business bank account.

  • Open a business checking account.

  • Prepare a list of your products/services. Include a short title, a description of eight words or less and a more in-depth description of each product.

  • In your product list, include pricing, shipping costs (if known), discounts, etc.

  • Obtain a graphic image for each product (or contact us and we will arrange for same).

  • Write the Customer Service and Shipping and Returns Policies to go on your website (visit other e-commerce sites to get examples).

  • Write a brief "Thank You for Your Order" page for your website.

You can now take one of several routes to being an online merchant.

  1. For a basic online transaction system without frillls, go directly to Total Merchant Supply and let their friendly staff assist in setting up your Merchant Account and Payment Gateway account; then Wordpix can integrate their shopping system into your website. Or:

  2. For an online transaction system with add-ons (like: automated newsletter and email distribution, recurring billing, different monthly plans), set up an account at Contact Wordpix before you set up your account so we can work with you from the start.

  3. Take the 'long' way of setting up all your accounts directly, on your own, as follows:

A. Apply for the Merchant Provider account. (If you plan to hire Wordpix to develop your online shopping system, contact us for a list of financial institutions that provide this service; or just inquire at the bank where you have your business checking account.)

Be prepared to provide your financial history, business references, account balances and banking account numbers in the Merchant Provider application process. You may also be required to show your website's shopping cart (in development stage is fine), your Shipping and Returns policies and Thank You page. In most instances, there will be an application fee. In addition, the credit card processor will charge a monthly fee and a percentage of each sale plus 25 to 30 cents per sale.

B. Along with your Merchant account, you'll need to apply for a Payment Gateway account. The Payment Gateway provider approves and declines credit card transactions while the transaction is taking place on your website. There will be a monthly fee of around $20. Wordpix Solutions is an authorized reseller for one of the largest payment gateway providers in the world, If you're prepared and have your financial details at your fingertips, just click here to apply online.
C. When you have both your Merchant Provider and Payment Gateway accounts, sign up for your choice of online shopping cart systems: (A) Wordpix can build and customize a shopping cart on your website. Or, (B) you can sign up for a pre-designed system, complete with automatic email responders, email newsletters and more, with through Marketers Choice (Wordpix is an affiliate). Plan on a monthly shopping cart service fee of $39 to $100, depending upon your choice of plans.
D. Once the accounts are set up, Wordpix will do the development and integration -  the complete online catalog, integrate it with your accounts and customize the shopping cart on your website. Our fee depends upon the number of products, images and customization of the program.

If you already have taken all the necessary steps, you are ready for the Shopping Cart itself to be integrated into your website. And that's where Wordpix comes in.

We can provide a custom quote for working with you through the online shopping system setup process. Just contact us.

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