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Translation and Interpretation Services from Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Wordpix

We are pleased to offer for customers throughout the world, the following translation, interpretation and related services, for all languages, through our partnership with an established and professional Tulsa, Oklahoma-based translation firm.

Website Language

  • Your preferred language

  • Using alternate language text in photo captions and in alternate blocks of text, the site is readable is more than one language

  • Website translation from one language to another (includes proofreading)

Translation Services

  • Recording translated material onto documents, websites, video/CD/DVD

Interpreters / Interpretation Services

  • Interpreters for your meeting, event, conference call, deposition, court appearance, trial or legal proceeding in Spanish or Japanese

Voice Transcripts / Video Services

  • The recording in your preferred language of your material

  • Voiceover in a language other than the language of the video

Formatting, Layout and Design

  • Your translated documents designed professionally. Computer manuals, financial statements, correspondence, brochures, books, directories, catalogs, legal documents, advertising copy, business plans, shipping forms, business cards, sales presentation and marketing materials and more.


  • Detailed proofreading and editing of your translated documents

Metric Conversion


  • Notary services for your business and personal documentation needs

  • Notarizations in foreign languages

Other Services

Private Spanish tutorials, corporate Spanish classes, certifications, brief assignments abroad

We maintain strict confidentiality measures. We also provide the highest possible quality of work, with quality control checks on all translations.

Our translators and interpreters have a high level of business and experience in their fields, both in the United States and abroad. These professionals hold degrees in higher education and have native speaker ability.

We would be happy to provide a quote for your translation or interpretation project. Share as many specifics as you can when you complete our inquiry form, and we'll respond within two business days. If the project is urgent, feel free to call us at 800 200-1101 or 918 743-1103.


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