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Virtual Assistant (VA) and Office Support Services from Wordpix


Why agonize over a document or file?

Just pick up the phone* or send an email and get the thing done ... quickly, correctly and with an attractive, professional appearance!

Our office support will make a professional difference with your:

PDF-Word document, 16 Secrets of a Professional Resume, by Nita Busby,
  • Marketing materials and functions*

  • Database maintenance and administration

  • Web research

  • Website maintenance and updates

  • General administrative duties (such as correspondence and mailings)

We'll do your one-time project, repetitive projects, short-term and long-term projects.

*Limited to basic materials/collaterals (such as announcements and promotional fliers) created in a word processing file. Services requiring professional design of business collaterals and websites are also available, using Wordpix trained artists and technical sub-contractors.

How we work:

We can work with you by email, phone, fax (and virtual meeting)...Communications and file sharing are by email, phone, fax and for large or confidential files, FTP.

Work Hours: We don't work on weekends or Friday afternoons, but we do make exceptions for important and rush jobs (a premium rate is charged). We'll work evenings when necessary, to help you meet your deadline.

Billing: We track our time and log pre-approved out-of-pocket expenses. Invoices are generated at a frequency pre-determined with you and depending upon the length of the assignment and/or the size of the job.

Why the Wordpix Virtual Assistant (VA) / Office Assistant is qualified to assist you:

  • More than 30 years' experience in office administrative functions and support roles
  • Advanced level in Microsoft Office programs including Word and Excel
  • Fast, accurate typist (90 wpm, no errors)
  • Designed hundreds of promotional fliers, reports, other documents and newsletters
  • Personal attention to every detail
  • Perfection is the bottom line!

Contact us now to get more information about the Wordpix Virtual Assistant (VA) services!Hiring your Wordpix Virtual Assistant is a no-brainer!

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