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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Consulting Services
for Small Business Websites

Within minutes of activating a pay-per-click program, your website ad can be in the Top Three of the ads on Google.

We are pleased to present our Google Adwords consulting service to help you get the click to your designated landing pages to sell your products and services. PPC is a great way to get to "the Top" instantly!

Initial research and setup:

  • Identify the most appropriate keywords (including terms and phrases) - an intensive exploration often including keyword testing and analysis.

  • Establish your daily, weekly or monthly budget; set up your keywords, negative keywords and ads; input other related information.

Going live and monitoring:

  • Once your PPC program is active on Google, you could start getting clicks on your ad immediately.
  • We monitor your program daily, tweaking the keywords, ads and the click bids as necessary.
  • We provide you with daily reports in the first week; weekly thereafter.


We invoice you directly for our Setup Phase and Monitoring; your card is charged automatically for Adwords pay-per-click charges according to the budget you establish.

Companion program:

If this step has not already been taken, we'd really like to optimize your website and submit it to major search engines and directories. This project is not required for Pay-Per-Click, but it is a fundamental step upon which the future of your website (and perhaps your business) rides. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will continue to work for you long after your PPC program ends, by itself, without your spending a penny other than your initial investment.

Turn your website into a customized, 24-hour sales staff.

Call or email us today. We'll be glad to explore the options with you:

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