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Email Setup

Microsoft Outlook Email Account Setup

Setup your email or modify an existing mail account using the links in the Email drop-down box on the left. There are many variables and versions of mail programs and minor differences in setup procedures may exist. Note: Your new email account will only work after your account has been setup on the email server of your provider.

Getting an error message after setting up your email account? Being asked for login details? It could be a simple, quick fix! In that login window, verify:

  1. Username is your Email Address (not just your name).

  2. Email address and password precisely match those you entered in the account setup.

  3. Both Username/Email Address and Password are precisely the same as those you provided to Wordpix. (Settings in your computer's email program must be exactly the same as those used to setup your email account on the Wordpix email server.)

Webmail & Email Troubleshooting

Use this user-friendly, efficient web-based email system for Wordpix clients. Troubleshoot your email send and receiving issues. Click here

Email Thieves Can Steal Your Identity ...

Are those emails from Microsoft, CitiBank, Ebay (and Wordpix) legitimate?
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